Solve the inequality. 1/3+x+2/9>5/6

Accepted Solution

Answer:5⁄18 < xStep-by-step explanation:Start by adding like-terms [β…“ and 2⁄9] with 9 being the Least Common Denominator [LCD]. Since 2⁄9 already has a 9 in the denominator, it does not get touched, so in order to make β…“ a denominator of 9, we simply multiply both terms by 3, to get 3⁄9. So, adding that to 2⁄9 gives you 5⁄9, also giving you 5⁄9 + x > β…š. Now, we have to find the LCD again because we have two unlike fractions. Now, our Least Common Denominator is 18, so multiply both terms in β…š by 3 [15⁄18] and multiply both terms in 5⁄9 by 2 [10⁄18]. Now you have two like fractions to work with, and you can clearly see that your answer is x > 5⁄18. Although the answer is written in reverse, it is still the same concept.I am joyous to assist you anytime.